Welcome to God’s Solid Foundation Ministry

A worldwide endeavor devoted to sharing the transformative teachings of the Bible and magnifying the fame of Jesus Christ.


Our mission is to disseminate the word of God, instilling the teachings of Jesus Christ globally.

Main Goal:

Our overarching goal is to worship God wholeheartedly, honoring Him in every facet of our lives.

General Objectives


  • Imitate Jesus Christ: Cultivating Christlike values, particularly among the youth.
  • Worship God Daily: Engaging in prayer and the study of God’s word as a consistent practice.
  • Evangelize: Bringing more people to Christ and facilitating spiritual transformation


  1. Sharing Daily Scriptures: Utilizing various platforms, especially social media, to spread the word of God.
  2. Gospel Preaching: Collaborating with diverse individuals to share impactful sermons.


Our members, known as God’s Solid Foundation Ministry, emulate the qualities of Jesus Christ. Anyone who believes in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior or seeks to become one is welcome to join. 

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